Expanding Your Service Delivery Capabilities

Irrespective of industry, size, or location, today’s leading and emerging companies demand an IT organization that supports their business operations instead of constraining them. As a Systems Integrator, your firm’s ability to help clients focus on their present and future operational needs is a critical success factor for service engagements, and the world-class delivery within your service delivery practices.

KR will assist you in helping clients confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure that their IT organizations and operating models are agile and effective. KR is a critical success factor for engagements in: IT Performance Improvement, IT M&A, Application Modernization and Management, and Information Management.


Fixing operational efficiency problems is not only important to reducing costs, but also to improving client capabilities that enable innovation and agility in operations—thus providing them a competitive edge in their markets.


Technology-related synergies are key to successful mergers, acquisitions, divestures, and separations. KR helps you focus your clients’ attention to plan and manage the changes in their systems, and to accommodate changes in their business strategy in a more timely manner.


KR helps organizations achieve step change improvements in cycle time, quality, cost of addressing demand management, application rationalization, project and portfolio management, project value analysis, global sourcing and partner model, performance management, and capability building.


Data management and business architecture require a comprehensive relationship of the two for effective change—in enterprise architecture or business operations. KR provides such knowledge, allowing you to not only keep pace with the current state, but also to provide effective planning for such change to meet client demands for flexibility, speed of access, and accuracy of information.

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